About Last Night

Hey gals and guys 😁,

Oh lordy!The fear is real!Why do I do it everytime?!I had such a great night out with Lauren and Aoife but alcohol influences bad decision making.

Lauren and Aoife came to my apartment for pre-drinks.We were due to go out to a bar called Seven at 8pm.We lost track of time due to banter and drinking 😂Lauren got a message from another one of our co-workers asking where we were so she called her boyfriend to come pick us up from my place and drive us to the bar 🍷.

When we arrived we went straight to the bathrooms to reapply make-up and take the usual obligatory bathroom selfie.Then it was onto the bar for a round of shots.I knew right there and then I was going to end up drunkenly snapchatting the musician 😯Not long after Katarina,Ruth and Pauline arrived.Katarins had been trying to guess who the guy was that I was crushing on so I showed her a picture of the musician on instagram.Thats when it happened.She said “You should message him” so I did.I asked if he was out and I can’t for the life of me remember what he replied.I decided to fill him in that I was leaving Galway in June to go travelling(I actually hadn’t planned on telling him until nearer the time).The musician replied but I can’t remember what he said.Something along the lines of “Awww Shauna.We will definitely have drinks before you leave….”.The message was longer but my drunken state means I have no clue what he said.What’s worse is I am not sure if I replied after that but I must have because when I checked my snapchat this morning it said he opened the snap 3 hours ago 😯I just hope I didn’t declare how much I loved him or something 😣

I also was drunkenly messaging one of my managers but its ok as he knows what I am like when I am drunk as he has been on manys a night out with us 😂I didnt say anything inappropriate to him thankfully.There was a few people I drunkenly messaged or called apparently and some of them did not get nice texts or calls 😣

After we left Seven we decided to go to a nightclub.At first they wouldn’t let us in because I was too drunk 😂The girls took me to the takeaway to get some food to sober me up a bit.A bag of chips later and we headed back up to the queue to try get into Electric again and this time we were successful (shockingly).Once in there we bought another round of drinks 🍸At one point I remember us sitting down chatting and I started to cry about how much I am going to miss working with Lauren and Aoife 😭.The emotional drunk stage was kicking in 😂Apparently I handed myself into ‘Lost and Found’ at the nightclub and a former co-worker came to my rescue.I have no memory of this whatsoever but a photo of it 😂When the nightclub finished Lauren called her boyfriend to come get us and bring us home.He dropped Aoife back to her house and as I live near them he didnt have far to bring me home 😊

I woke up this morning and as standard I checked all my social media trying to piece together the events of last night.I deleted any photos that were awful before anymore people than already had wouldn’t see them.I thought once Lauren’s boyfriend dropped me home that I had passed out in my bed but oh no…

As I am slowly coming around this morning I got a message from my former lover in the apartment below mine.I had called him 4 times last night at 3am 😑Luckily he was fast asleep so hadn’t heard his phone.Again I don’t remember this🤔We message for a bit and all he keeps asking for is sex but I have no interest in that happening ever again.

I am so hungover today and I have work at 7pm.I just want to lie in bed and have someone look after me.I really have to stop drunkenly snapchatting the musician.Its just desperate looking 😒Most of all I need to never takes shots again.


Positive vibes always,

Shauna 😗


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The Pieces of Me

I'm a 28 year woman living in the greatest city in Ireland aka Galway.This blog is my personal diary of the struggles I face dating,the crazy drama I can never avoid,the complicated relationships with my family/friends and battles with mental health.I hope if anyone reads this they will find it helpful and funny because you won't believe the shit that happens to me but I promise its all true!Enjoy...😁

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