Meet the Parent

Hey gals and guys 😁,

So…I have no clue how I got in my current situation🤔My current situation being this:

Keith came home from his parents yesterday and proceeded to take selfies of himself drinking on his apartment balcony.He didnt see that I could see him 😂He had one can of cider and was taking pictures as if he was out partying 😂He eventually ended up going out and I could tell it was just with the lads by how he was dressed 😊

At around 4am I could hear a taxi pull up outside our apartment block and I could also hear Keith shouting “Retard” multiple times so I knew he had got to the point of his drunkeness where he gets moody and rude 😒I am guessing he was giving out to the poor taxi driver 😐

I was in my bed and I could hear his heavy,loud footsteps stomping up the stairs.I listened intently to hear if he got in safely 👂.Yet I didnt hear him go in his door and I knew exactly where Keith was heading 😧Sure enough a few seconds later I heard a knock at my front door 🚪.I answered and asked him something like “What’s up?” but I didn’t just let him in as I usually do.I stood at the door and he kind of just walked in anyway 😕With the mood he was in and how late it was I didnt want him to start shouting so I just closed the door behind Keith.As I walked by him to go to my bedroom he put his arms around me and hugged me from behind 😀

I got into my bed and he climbed in too.He put his arms around me and was being all lovey dovey😗😍.He was kissing my cheek,my neck and cuddling me so tight 😍I didn’t say no.I miss him and even though we are not together I want Keith to feel and know I still love him💏❤.

As I was trying to sort the tv out(Netflix wasn’t working on it for some reason 😤)I turned to look at Keith lying beside me to see if he was ok and his eyes had filled with tears😢He was looking at me as if I was the most precious thing in the world to him and he said to me “What am I going to do when you are gone?”.I felt like hugging him and saying something comforting but instead I joked to try lighten the mood by replying”Shag other women🤣”.Even though I was joking there was some resentment behind that statement.Keith didn’t reply.Everytime I looked at him he was in a world of his own and he looked so like a little lost boy 😯I then let Keith know I only have two weeks left in Galway and he dropped a bombshell on me.Apparently he has only two weeks left in Galway too as he is moving to Dublin 😯I don’t think its true though.

I had pre-arranged with my aunty Arylene and my mother that they would come to Galway today to collect all my belongings to bring back to Donegal to store while I am in Australia.I informed Keith of this last night and he blurted out”I want to meet your mother”.I said”Why do you want to meet her?”and he said”I am meeting your mother tomorrow”.I knew he was drunk and didn’t truly mean it which I pointed out to him.I said “Why would you meet my mother?You’re not my boyfriend.What would I tell her?” and the biggest smile came across my face after Keith answered”You tell your mother that I am the man you are going to marry”😍👰🤵He said it with such certainty in his eyes so I asked him”Oh,so we’re getting married now?What makes you think we are going to get married?”but I got no reply as he literally went into a fast and deep sleep 😪

I couldn’t sleep😫.I was and still am so confused as to how we went from being completely over to Keith wanting to meet my mother to tell her he is the man I am going to marry without any explanation in his major turn around.Also he was snoring so fudging loudly 😪 He also just wanted to love on me so much which was adorable😍.Even though Keith was in a deep sleep,if I tried to move away at all,he would pull me back in to sleep in his arms 😙I was happy to lay there though just taking in the smell of him and feeling his skin on mine 😍It eventually got too warm and I moved away but he like followed me to the point I ended up on the edge of the bed as he spread himself out like a starfish 🤣

I cuddled back into Keith and eventually got to sleep 😴Its my favourite thing in the whole world…cuddling and sleeping (non-sexually but I also love sexually sleeping with him too 😉😂).I never want to stop.We woke up in the morning and we didn’t have sex,we made love ❤I know it sounds so cliche and corny but normally (I’d say we jave made love a total of 5 times)the sex between us is about horniness,passion and achieving orgasm.This morning it was slow and sensual with us communicating how much we love being so close to eachother 😍😘We spent most of the day sleeping,cuddling and making love.It was perfect 💏

We were asleep when my phone started ringing and I then panicked 📱I told Keith he needed to get up and get dressed immediately.He was so confused until I told him my mother was at the top of our estate.I never seen him get dressed so quickly or me for that matter 😂Keith wasn’t so keen to meet my mother after all his insisting last night 😋🤣He made it out the door in time anyway 😅Just a few minutes after he left my mother and aunty pulled up outside my apartment in the car🚗We packed all my belongings into the car and then headed off for a spot of dinner🍲I paid as a way of thanking my mother and Arylene for coming all the way from Donegal to Galway to collect my belongings.

As far as I am aware and in my opinion despite what happened last night,Keith and I are still over💔Last night was the perfect way to say goodbye to “us”.He can’t just fix things over night with some sweet words and by making love to me.To be honest I don’t know what it would take or if it is unfixable?I would like to believe we are soulmates and will find our way back to eachother when I get back from Australia.That we do get married and we do live happily ever after but do I actually think it will happen?No.


Positive vibes always,

Shauna 😗


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The Pieces of Me

I'm a 28 year woman living in the greatest city in Ireland aka Galway.This blog is my personal diary of the struggles I face dating,the crazy drama I can never avoid,the complicated relationships with my family/friends and battles with mental health.I hope if anyone reads this they will find it helpful and funny because you won't believe the shit that happens to me but I promise its all true!Enjoy...😁

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