The Last Major Rager in Galway

Hey gals and guys 😁,

I have been quiet on here lately because I have been packing up to go to Australia and trying to see everyone before I leave Galway.

I went to visit Lisa and baby Jamie 😍I stayed overnight and got lots of cuddles.I even helped with the nightfeed 😊I got some practise in for when its my turn 😂Lisa and I stuffed our faces,watched Netflix and chatted.It was a great night in.Sometimes though I feel awkward with Lisa since she became pregnant and had Jamie.Her priorities have changed in a good way but we dont seem to have as much in common anymore.I love her and Jamie to bits though so its just about adapting to a new normal in our friendship 😄

Last night Lisa,Chris,Aoife,Lauren,Ellen,Bruce,Emer,Lana,Mirka and myself went out for my leaving party.Aoife and Lauren came to my apartment for food and pre-drinks.We then met everyone else in ‘The Front Door’ pub.I had such a brilliant night drinking,laughing and saying a final goodbye to the friends who have made my time living in Galway some of my best memories 😀

Aoife stayed in my apartment last night.For some reason we slept in the spare room.We usually sleep in the same bed when we have sleepovers🛏.I had turned my mobile data off before going to sleep which I never do incase Keith needs me.Sure enough when I turned my mobile data back on this morning I had 5 missed calls on ‘Viber’ and a message asking for the code to get in the apartment block📱.Somehow he forgets everytime he goes out and has a few drinks despite living here longer than me 😆He obviously managed to get in anyway.I was so drunk I was in a deep sleep so if he came knocking at the door I didnt hear it🚪

Keith messaged me today asking me to come see him📱.I replied by telling him I couldn’t as Aoife was here.He begged me to come see him but I knew he was hungover and just wanted me to comfort him so I kept telling him no until eventually he annoyed me that much I told him to come to my apartment 🏘Aoife was asleep and severely hungover on my living room sofa so I brought Keith into my bedroom 🛏

Keith spotted the two open and packed suitcases on my bedroom floor for moving out💼.He stood for a second in silence looking at them in shock but then he turned to me and smiled.🤔I asked him “What’s wrong you?” and he said “Nothing,how are you?”.I told him I was tired and hungover to which he stated the same😪🤢Keith sat on my bed and reached his arms out to pull me into him for a cuddle💏.We cuddled for a few minutes and then he slowly slid his right hand up my top to feel my breasts.He pulled at his shorts and his semi-hard penis sprung out 😘Then he tugged off my jeans and let out a sigh of “Oh yes”😉

I took off my top so I could feel his skin on mine.I am really savouring the simple things before I leave Keith.He tenderly kissed my breasts and lay his head on my chest as we spent the first few minutes of sex just enjoying being close 😍I then got down on my knees and gave Keith a blow job.I like to play with his balls at the same time but found it difficult with the false nails I had put on for the night out with my friends 💅While I was sucking Keith off he cupped my face in his hands and softly rubbed my cheek lovingly 💑This is something he had never done before but I loved it ❤

As I was giving him the blowjob I wanted to switch up my technique so put my hands on his legs and just used my mouth👄I felt Keith softly intertwine his fingers in mine.Again this was new.I could tell he just needed to be as close as possible to me 😀Then he asked me to stand up and he returned the favour by entering me with his fingers ✌My low moans turned him on more.Keith turned me to face away from him so he could admire my arse.He is obsessed with it 😉This made Keith so horny,he immediately positioned me down onto his hard penis and as we got into the groove I had to stop as I thought I heard Aoife walking around.

Once the coast was clear Keith put me lying on the bed with my knees near my breasts and he began to fuck me 😉We have never been one of those couples that likes to look into eachothers eyes while we have sex(we both find sex faces weird)but today I just happened to open my eyes and look at him👀.He was looking at me with an expression of wanting.I don’t how but I could tell he wanted us to continue making eye contact so I would look into his eyes every so often and found it uncomfortable but yet reassuring👀 🤔It was as if we had become more connected and closer.

I decided to spice things up a little and pleasure myself as he watched.He loved it 😘Keith began wanking himself as he watched me play with my vagina.Once I knew it was time for him to unleash his load I whispered to him in a sexy tone “I want you to cum all over me”😉I took his erect penis in my hand,moaned with pleasure and not long after his seed exploded all over my body 😉I went to the bathroom to clean myself off as he got dressed.

I thought he was going to leave straight after as he commented that he had to walk to Briarhill to collect his car from his friend’s house but he actually sat down on a chair by the window staring out to the distance👀It looked liked a sexy photoshoot just by the way he was sitting.I could have laid on my bed staring at Keith for hours ❤🙄I asked Keith why he was here as he had messaged me the previous day to say he was staying at his parents house all weekend and wouldn’t be back until Monday🏠He said that his friend asked him to go out for pints as he perfers going out partying with Keith the most (probably because Keith gets so drunk and makes an ass out of himself)🍺

I asked him if he was working tomorrow or did he get the bank holiday off and he replied he is off.We are supposed to be going for a drive tomorrow so we’ll see if that actually happens 🚘We laughed and joked about for a while🤣.I enquired as to what his plans are for the rest of the day and he told me he was going back to his parents for the night 🏠As we talked Keith had the biggest smile on his face.I expressed my fears for our future.I told him that I don’t believe he’ll want to see me when I come back from Australia as he’ll have either moved on with another woman or just not want to see me.He reassured me that will not happen but I told him there is no way he can be sure.

Keith eventually left my apartment and I went into my living room to find Aoife awake and alot better than earlier.We got ourselves together and went to Salthill to enjoy the sunshine 😎☀We got some lunch and ice-cream 🍦Aoife and I talked about our plans for Australia as she is going to be moving there in September which I am so excited about 😄

Now I am back in my apartment and chilling out in my bed.I am meeting up with Aoife and Lauren tomorrow to jump off ‘Blackrock’ diving board 🏊Then I am supposed to be meeting Keith to go for a drive 😉😍🚘

I’ll leave you with a small selection of photos from last night’s celebration and my picture of appreciation for Keith’s good looks 😜





Positive vibes always,

Shauna 😗

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The Pieces of Me

I'm a 28 year woman living in the greatest city in Ireland aka Galway.This blog is my personal diary of the struggles I face dating,the crazy drama I can never avoid,the complicated relationships with my family/friends and battles with mental health.I hope if anyone reads this they will find it helpful and funny because you won't believe the shit that happens to me but I promise its all true!Enjoy...😁

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